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Right under the big trees at the southwest corner of the castle.


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The founder of Free Walking Tour Nantes! An offshore renewable energies engineer by trade who definitely settled in Nantes after a long bicycle trip.

I realized I love guiding when I first tried it during my Erasmus year at Free Tour Stockholm in Sweden. I’m originally from Cannes in the South-East but I fell in love with the city and would really like to help you discover everything interesting there is to know about it!

Enrique (or Kike)

Enrique (or Kike), Spaniard from Valladolid in Nantes. 4 years here already between comings and goings !

Like many Spaniards, I had to emigrate to find a stability that was not coming. In the meantime, I was lucky to meet Antoine. It was him who motivated me to take up this challenge and since April 2022 we share this passion. It will be a pleasure to accompany you and to discover Nantes – a wonderful city with so many experiences and places to discover!



Hi, I’m Carolina, an Argentinian who has found her home in Nantes for the last three years. I started my adventure as a guide a year ago, thanks to Antoine, who inspired me to share the beauty of Nantes with all of you. Although I miss my country and its culture, being able to speak Spanish here fills me with joy. I am an outgoing, adventure-loving person, always ready to meet new people and I hope you will join me to explore all the hidden corners of Nantes!


Please see above in this page.

We try to limit to two hours, otherwise it becomes long for everybody.

Please complete the registration process: I may cancel if less than 5 persons confirm! It’s also useful when a lot of people are interested: so we know whether we should offer another time.

The tour will start near the castle and will roughly circle around the old town. After the castle, some of the highlights of the tour are for example the cathedral, the Erdre river, the Place Royale, the Passage Pommeraye and the Place Graslin. We will then – if we have time – cross the river Loire and end the tour by the Machines de l’Ile.

It’s pretty simple: you just need to show up at the said date, time and place, no need for advance payment! No entrance fees either, just go with the flow, and if you enjoyed it I will gladly accept whatever you’d like to give at the end!

I don’t receive a fixed salary from any organisation. I am counting on the visitors to hand me some tips at the end, although this is not mandatory of course. You are free to choose the amount you’d like to give depending on your own budget, how much you enjoyed it and how much you personally think it was worth – from 0 to, say, 1.75 million euro (hey why not?). For information, I do declare my income under the status of “micro-entrepreneur”; taxes all included sum up to about 23%.

Just shoes comfortable enough to walk for about 2 hours in the city. If it’s warm and sunny don’t forget to bring some water and a hat/sunglasses/sunscreen! On the contrary if it looks rainy or cold, dress accordingly! We’ll be outside the whole time.


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